Photo by Liezl Estipona
MaxFunCon East is just ONE WEEK away! We've posted a tentative schedule of weekend happenings. You can check it out here.

Detailed below are some things to bring, when to come, all that stuff... 

* When to Come *
Registration for MaxFunCon East starts at 4pm. This is also when check-in begins at the conference center. As a registered guest, you'll check in at the front desk of the Inn at Pocono Manor for your room assignment and at the MaxFunCon East welcome table for your name tag and conference bag. From 4pm until 6pm, we will be welcoming people with a pleasant reception and some get-to-know-you activities.  That said, it's our recommendation that you come to the Inn at Pocono Manor as early as your schedule permits. Traffic from New York grows exponentially worse as it gets later in the day. 

* What to Bring *
The weather is forecast to be in the 50's all weekend (Click here for the 10-day forecast). It will drop down to the 30's at night. All of our official events are indoors but you'll want to bring lots of layers anyway. Consider bringing a hat, scarf and gloves.

There is WiFi, but you won't really need or use a laptop. Generally, you won't need many diversions - your schedule will be quite full. There is a restaurant and bar on-site, but you won't really need those, either. Our events have you covered. Your food, beverages (including adult beverages at official events) and everything else are provided, so there isn't much need for money.  We'll also provide you with a notebook to use during classes and to write down contact information for all your new friends.

Hotel incidentals (i.e. room service, pay-per-view) are not included. So you'll need to present a credit card when you check into your room. 
Check to make sure whether your classes have any special requirements. Some writing workshops ask that you bring a story in advance. Beard painters will need to wear a shirt that they don't mind getting paint on. Those joining Dave Hill's band may want to consider bringing an instrument (acoustic only, please ... and kindly save your jams for the activity session, not the lobby or other conference sessions). 

* Carpools *
We strongly encourage you to share rental cars and other ground transportation whenever possible.  Folks are organizing carpools on the forum here

* Special Needs *
If you have a mobility impairment or a special food need and you haven't reported it to Nick, please do so immediately. And even if you have reported it, it might be worth reminding him to be safe. Also: it has been suggested to us that if you're a vegetarian, you might want to bring a couple protein-y snacks, as the vegetarian meals, while good, might be short on non-meat protein.

* Getting There *
We strongly encourage you to use the directions to the conference center on our website. Be very careful when putting directions into a computer or smartphone. Google sometimes gets the location confused.  The best directions are here.  

* If you have questions *
Feel free to email and ask if you have questions.  You can also post your questions on the message board.