First, a big, heartfelt thanks to all who applied for the three scholarships we are offering to this year’s inaugural MaxFunCon East. We at MaxFun Headquarters enjoyed reading all of your applications and were delighted to see that so many smart, interesting and creative people are excited about MaxFunCon East.  Honestly, it was very difficult for us to choose only three winners. We sincerely wish that all of you could join us in the Poconos! 

To those who applied but did not win this year, please do not feel discouraged. We do plan to offer scholarships to our future events (including MaxFunCon West 2013) and we hope that you will write to us again at that time to tell us about your latest hopes, dreams, projects and creations. We do realize that, by that time, you will all be more powerful than ever!  

The three scholarship recipients who will be joining us in the Poconos are:  Paul Aflalo, Brady Dale, and Josh Kramer!

Congratulations to all three of them! Other MaxFunCon East attendees:  please keep an eye out for these folks during the weekend and introduce yourself. We hope you’ll all become great friends!

Also, a huge THANK YOU to our phenomenal benefactors: Rebecca O'Malley, who made our initial scholarships possible and Gene Monterastelli who provided us with a third scholarship. You are both truly amazing. 

P.S. You should also take a minute to learn about Gene's #100tweetsofbeauty project!