What will it cost?
The same as regular MaxFunCon ($790 per person, $1480 for couples), but with an additional special discount for folks who share a room with an assigned-by-us roommate. (We want to encourage people to share rooms so we can get as many people as possible into a reduced number of rooms, and we also want to encourage new BESTIES.)  

What will it be like?
Like the awesome MaxFunCon we've been holding for years in Southern California, with amazing comedy, brilliant classes and a general air of delightful friendship, but presumably somewhat colder. (This is better for cuddling.)  

Will you announce the lineup?
Yes, but not for a little while. As usual, it's our preference to sell tickets to folks who want to come to MaxFunCon before we sell tickets to folks who want to see a particular performer. Better vibe. We've already booked some amazing acts, though. Our special headliner is the person I (Jesse) am most excited about having at a MaxFunCon, ever. And me and Hodgman will be there for sure.  

Will there be an installment payment plan?
Yes, absolutely.  

What time do things kick-off? When does it all end?
MaxFunCon East will begin at 4pm on Friday, October 26th and end around noon on Sunday, October 28th. We'll post a full schedule of events sometime in September.

Are my dreams coming true before my very eyes?
Yes, they are.