Registration for MaxFunCon is $690 per person.

MaxFunCon starts the afternoon of Friday, May 7th, and continues through lunch on Sunday, May 9th. All food, beverages and lodging are included in your MaxFunCon registration - you will spend no money at MaxFunCon.

We have two discounts -- couples sharing a room receive a $100 discount on their joint registration (this is for couples sharing a bed only, no shared rooms with separate beds are available), and moms receive a discount of $20, because Sunday May 9th is Mother's Day, and they deserve it. They're moms!

Buy your tickets using a credit card or your PayPal account below. Prices reflect a $20 processing fee, which covers our transaction processing cost (yes, it really costs that, sorry we have to charge you for it).

If you're planning on traveling with a friend, and wish to request that you be assigned to the same condolet, write the friend's name in the box provided and we'll do our best to put you together. Also, please indicate any special dietary needs (vegetarian, kosher, vegan, etc) so Lake Arrowhead's staff can accommodate you.

MaxFunCon ’10 is all sold out!

To get on the waiting list, email

You won't receive a ticket in the mail -- you'll receive your condolet assignment and registration goodies at the front desk upon arrival.

Tickets for MaxFunCon are non-transferrable. The first $200 of your registration is non-refundable, but the rest ($490) is refundable if you cancel before April 1st. If you wish to cancel, email Jesse - and we'll get you a prompt, if partial, refund.

If tickets are sold out, please email Last year we were able to fit everyone on the waitlist in to the Con as we made final housing arrangements.

If you'd like to register on the installment plan, click here.