Tons of MaxFunCon attendees wrote about their experiences on their blogs and elsewhere...

Scott Beale of Laughing Squid posted some really great pictures he took of the Con, including one of me from a very unflattering angle. He also posted a great time-lapse video of the mountain fog.

Catherine McCormick wrote a post on the comedy blog From The Back of the Room about the con. She talks about, among other things, making a guest appearance on Jordan, Jesse, Go!. She and her pal were wonderful guests, and Judge John Hodgman definitively settled their dispute over whether inline or traditional roller skates are better. You can read Catherine's account here.

Matt Haughey of Metafilter (our beloved sponsor) posted a great recap of his experiences on his personal blog. He says "If I could sign up for next year's event today, I would."

Our pal Adam Lisagor, aka @lonelysandwich, called it "Woodstock for the New Sincere." I'll take it.

Nicole Lee posted a similarly enthusiastic recap, including some of her experiences trying to explain what the heck MaxFunCon was to her friends and co-workers.

And of course, tons of folks are sharing their favorite moments, decompression hints, and plans for future creativity on the forum.