MaxFunCon is about being more awesome, and we've put together a comprehensive program of delightful entertainments and fascinating education. We'll add more to the list as they are confirmed (and of course the lineup is subject to change).

John Hodgman: Benediction
Andrew WK: On Being Awesome
Jad Abumrad: On Radiolab

Friday Night Comedy
Jonathan Coulton
Kasper Hauser
Clifford & Kidd
Elephant Larry

Saturday Night Comedy
Marc Maron
Maria Bamford
Jimmy Pardo
Al Madrigal

Never Not Funny
Jordan, Jesse, Go!
You Look Nice Today

Kasper Hauser on Group Creativity
Jenny Ryan on Crafts
Dr. Cocktail on Cocktail History
Put This On Presents Will Boehlke of A Suitable Wardrobe on Dressing Gentlemanly
Jordan Morris on Improvisation
Maria Bamford's Comedy Open Mic
Neal Pollack's Yoga for Comedy Nerds

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